Continous education

Educating its own staff is the most significant indicator of company firmness. Continuous education of employees today has become a prerequisite for competitiveness and success on global markets. Large corporations have their own educational departments that monitor market trends and develop competency development programs for their employees. Only ten percent of employers believe the level of knowledge of the employees, after their formal education, is excellent. Thus, investing in lifelong education is not only a part of the trend but also the real necesity.

S3 approach

The continuous change of professional competencies causes high costs of maintaining own education department for companies. For this reason, S3 education team has prepared special learining and development programs for its clients. The goals and objectives of these programs is to build the strategic client capabilities for growth and to increase competitiveness of the client. All programs are based on our own methodologies followed by implementation that is a combination of theoretical lectures and innovative and dynamic hands-on workshops.

S3 education areas


Strategic enablement and leadership
Academy of Diplomacy
EU public affairs


Security deontology
Corporate Security Management
Situation awareness

Capacity Building

Management of change
Research, technology and innovation
Digital transformation

S3 education partners