Research and innovation

Research and innovation are strategic evolving assets for us in S3 company. We pave our research path with multidisciplinary approach and innovative ideas we constantly play with. Our direction is the future, although we learn from the past and our mistakes also. We are dedicated to integrate all our research results into our services framework. All our products and services are based on our own research results. Because we don’t trust the “good enough” phrase. For us, good enough is simply NOT good enough.

Idea factory

We cultivate innovation and idea minting as a core for all our research engagements. We question. We rethink. We change. We bring positive advancement through our own ideas. Our creation process sometimes can be long. Because we don’t release semi-ideas, semi-products or semi-services. What you can count on is our dedication to the smart solution of your problem. From digital transformation to corporate security. We swim well in all areas and we are motivated with the difficulty of the problem we are trying to solve.

S3 research areas

Science, technology & innovation

Data security and privacy
Critical infrastructure
Innovation management

Social sciences

Social responsibility
Social interactivity
Future of workplace


Corporate Security
Security deontology
Human trafficking

S3 research partners